Want to know where all the speed cameras are?


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CamSam is an application that turns your mobile phone into a real life speed camera detector and will warn you in good time of any approaching cameras so you won't get caught by surprise ever again.

The application has a database of over 47,000 cameras and will always warn you when you get close to one. Moreover, it is frequently updated to keep track of recently installed cameras so they can never catch you by surprise.

The application uses voice prompts to indicate the type of radar and the speed limit so you won't get distracted looking down at the screen. However, you can also activate visual warnings so the co-driver can be responsible for keeping an eye out for radars.

An interesting feature is that users can add radars themselves with a single touch on the screen. This way, they can contribute to the database in case one has escaped the application.

CamSam is a really useful app for those users who often travel by road and want to avoid fines as you will always be aware of those stretches of road where you cannot exceed the speed limit even by a little bit.
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